Introducing Equity Front

Best way to set up professional management accounts. In seconds.

Equity Front helps companies and investors streamline data collection, portfolio monitoring and reporting. Built for speed, efficiency and full control.

Product Philosophy

Make informed decisions and communicate clearly.

Built for speed

Blazingly fast. No page loads. Real-time sync. Intuitive keyboard shortcuts.

Extremely easy data upload

Proprietary algorithm enables drag & drop data upload from Excel. No IT support needed.

Single source of truth

Well-organised data safely stored in the cloud. No more risky emailing of Excel spreadsheets.

Flexible monitoring tool

Instantly generate stunning dashboards, charts and reports.

Intuitive user experience

Beautifully designed, easy to use, loved by high performers.

Multiple companies & teams

Manage multiple subsidiaries, portfolio companies and teams.


Incredibly fast and flexible Data Source

We translated best practices in management reporting into a fully-customisable and extremely fast portfolio monitoring tool.


Feature Spotlight

Stunning reports for your management and investors

Generate multiple Custom Reports in seconds. Save countless hours on data collection, analysis and reporting.


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